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Jacqueline is a talented and thoughtful coach. I didn’t know what to expect from coaching, but my experience exceeding it! She personalizes each coaching conversation to meet your needs. She offers support that is affirming and serves as a sounding board for your ideas and thoughts. I benefited from her skills during my participation in the intensive coaching program and have grown as a result of her coaching. She shares her gifts to help you see a better version of yourself and work to achieve it.

Jackie Douge, MD, Pediatrician, writer and PodcastEr

Baltimore, MD

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Jacqueline is a brilliant coach with incredible knowledge and skills. She has an uncanny ability to establish the coaching relationship. Her gifts for challenging and stretching your thinking, and focusing on your needs, allow for powerful personal growth. I have benefited in multiple ways from her coaching.

Evan GLASSER, leadership consultant and Former Chief of School Improvement

Albuquerque, NM