A complimentary inquiry session.

Are you ready to experience coaching? A Discovery Session is a 30-minute FREE session for women who want a quick and easy way to uncover where they want to be and how coaching can support them to manifest the fullness of their vision. Walk away with insights to move forward. To get started, schedule a free inquiry call by clicking below.


A group coaching experience

Are you ready to refuel, recharge and grow? Women Thrive is a six-week summer group coaching experience for women who want to explore where they are and where they want to be. Walk away with new-found clarity, personal growth and a like-minded community.

This intimate group is limited to 8 passionate women. You will experience guided meditations, writing prompts, assessments, inspirational readings, and coaching. Through individual and group coaching you’ll have an opportunity to talk about your specific challenges and roadblocks allowing everyone to learn from and with each other to accelerate growth. Potential topics include dreams, expectations and goal setting to assess and nurture deeper meaning. From that foundation, we’ll explore pathways forward to achieve your goals. Receive a copy of Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration by Meera Lee Patel, and other surprises along the way.

$249/per person

Six, 90- minute sessions on Thursdays from 7:00-8:30 pm. Sessions start June 13th (No class on July 3rd)

To get started, share your interest by clicking below.

Aligned Ambitions

An intensive coaching program.

Are your ready to make a overwhelm and frustration a thing of the past? Aligned Ambitions is a eight-week individual intensive coaching program for ambitious women leaders ready to take back control of their time and energy — and continue to succeed without risking burn out.

Receive personalized coaching and VIP support as we roll up our sleeves together — create a clear vision for the future, useful systems to overcome obstacles standing in your way, and powerful practices to step out of stress and overwhelm. Walk away with a personalized strategy and plan to use over the next three months. To get started, submit your application by clicking below.


A jumpstart career coaching package.

Are you looking to jumpstart your next career adventure? Work (Re)Design is a one-month coaching package for women leaders wanting support to navigate their next career move. Generate momentum and clarify where you are now, untangle your overall destination, and design the best route forward. Walk away with new awareness and confidence to shape your vision, a 90-day success plan and strategies to navigate obstacles along the way. To get started, submit your interest form by clicking below.

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Power Hour

A strategy coaching session.

Are you in need of a strategic partner? A Power Hour is a 75-minute strategy coaching session for women who need to focus on a specific problem, issue, or challenge that requires a laser-like approach and an intentional plan of action. Walk away feeling clearer about your next steps, and with the momentum you need to move forward. To get started, schedule your Power Hour by clicking below.


Lead STrong

A strengths-based leadership session.

Are you ready to examine the impact you’re having? A coaching session is an in-depth, two-hour, learning experience for women leaders who aspire to appreciate, reclaim and leverage their natural talents for career advancement.

We will unpack your CliftonStrengths and VIA Character Strengths to explore how your talents contribute to your success, help you to navigate challenges, and overcome barriers and performance risks. Walk away with tools and strategies to apply your strengths in order to win at work — and everywhere else. To get started, submit your consultation form by clicking below