I am thrilled you are here, and so thankful for the chance to share Strategy & Grace with you.

  • Maybe you KNOW you have a powerful purpose, and you are READY to pursue it.

  • Perhaps you have ALMOST given up on the idea that you can have the life you want — but not completely.

  • Maybe you have dreams, ambitions and desires, and you need some FRESH energy and perspective to continue to succeed without risking burn out.

  • It is also possible that you feel frustrated with a major aspect of your life or career, and you need someone on your TEAM – a coach – to walk alongside you to clarify your NEXT steps!


Whatever brought you to my site, know that I am here for you and ready to support you!

Hello! I’m Jacqueline Kennedy.

I’m a Leadership Coach and Strategic Partner for you the ambitious, high-achieving woman leader who is ready to pursue positive change. If you're contemplating a career change, want to make your existing work more fulfilling, or need support deciphering what’s next, my personal approach to coaching can benefit you.

WHAT I DO: My coaching primarily focuses on leadership self-and organizational awareness, the career decision-making process and work-life strategizing. I support leaders to navigate change and uncertainty, untangle career moves, and craft their existing work to integrate with their personal lives. Then we come up with a tactical, concrete strategy to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Over the last 20-plus years, I’ve led new and developing programs in organizational learning, change management, strategy implementation, and talent and leadership development. I supported leaders from educational, nonprofit and business organizations, in their learning, growth, and advancement through coaching and mentoring.

I know how it feels on the inside when you have too much on your plate, are way too busy, overstretched and stressed, but keep putting others ahead of yourself. You start feeling overwhelmed and out of balance, but don’t want to admit it. And yet, there’s no way effective leaders can thrive in survival mode.

As a leadership coach and strategic partner, I founded Strategy & Grace, a leadership and coaching consultancy, to support women leaders to uncover their own Personal Innovation Strategy™, and build resilience and personal agency for more meaningful and lasting change. I’m the creator of Aligned Ambitions, a six-week one-on-one intensive coaching program that supports women leaders ready to align their career success with their overall well-being.

WHAT I BELIEVE: Our lives are ever-evolving — and at any point along our journey we have full permission to modify and adjust our destination. No explanation owed. My mission is to support women leaders manage the stresses and uncertainty of change, master the period of transformation and evolution that follows, and embrace the gift of discovering their personal power to reimagine their work, lives and impact. I facilitate results, inspire action, and deepen learning, using a distinctive approach that integrates powerful principles from four different approaches to change, neuroscience, coaching, personal leadership and strength-based development.

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