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WHO I AM: Woman of faith. Mom to Kennedy. Daughter of two awesome souls. Deeply loving sister. Fiercely loyal friend. Brunch foodie. Frequent moviegoer. Spontaneity enthusiast in training!

For my daughter’s senior year, I created my own Personal Innovation Strategy™ to focus my time and energy on family, my own well-being, personal growth and development, and social connections. Which later led me to design and launch a one-year sabbatical-style career break.

I am the youngest of five. I grew up in El Paso, TX, and now live in the Dallas, TX metro area.

I love detailed vacation itineraries, outdoor water activities, dine-in theatres, and patio brunches.

My CliftonStrengths talent themes are: Strategic, Analytical, Focus, Responsibility and Relator.

I am a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Designing Your Life (DYL) Certified Coach, and completed ICF-certified coaching training programs with Results Coaching Global and Coaches Training Institute.

I hold an Ed.D. in Performance Improvement, M.A. in Professional Counseling and B.S. in Education.

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WHAT’S IN THE NAME: Most of the women in my family are tenacious, resourceful and fearless. Their unwavering faith, love of family, work ethic, generosity, and servant-hearts have continued to be passed on. Because of this, I grew up understanding that God’s grace grounds and empowers everything in our lives. Since I wanted the name to reflect the spirit behind the brand, it seemed fitting that the legacy of my family be included. The logo combines that grace with my love of strategy and navigating complexity, and the partitioned hexagon shape, as a symbol of strength and balance. My sincere hope is that Strategy & Grace supports women leaders to be empowered with a clear strategy to live, work, and make a lasting impact while serving freely, and extending others and themselves grace along the way.